Corporate Medical Scheme

JFA is one of the Corporate Medical Scheme Management Company in Hong Kong. Through its 30+ years of service experience, JFA started from being a medical scheme administrator for large corporates to partnering with numerous credible insurance companies, allowing our medical service to reach members at every insurance coverage level.

JFA provides a full range of medical services, including but not limited to General & Specialists Services, Physiotherapy Services, Chinese Medicine Services, Dental Services, X-ray, Laboratories and Imaging Services.  Other services also include Physical Examinations, Pre-employment Physical Examination, Vaccination, Clinical Minor Operations, Administration Services for hospitalization and others, all of which can be customized to tailor our customers’ needs.

JFA currently has more than 800 network service providers, covering areas across Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, New Territories, Tung Chung and Macau etc. Customers can access to any medical service provider within our network at their convenience.  Moreover we are actively partnering with several established medical groups to ensure the continual improvement of our medical services quality and our service network stability.  Scheme members can simply access JFA website for the latest updates on our service provider network.

JFA medical scheme management is highly flexible; we can customize medical plans for different levels of employees according to our customer’s budget requirement. The medical plans also come equip with yearly limit or co-payment option to achieve effective control of our customer’s medical expenses.

Scheme members only need to present their valid medical cards at any of our service providers, they will then have convenient and ready access to medical services chosen by their employers.

With our integrated digital storage system, we can now gather, better manage and analyze our customers’ medical scheme usage and their employees’ health condition. With the help of the data analysis, JFA can provide appropriate support and tailored professional advice to our customers.

JFA can also provide briefing sessions for the employees of our new customers. The session will include a thorough introduction for the medical scheme coverage, service procedures as well as Q&A to answer all potential queries.  Moreover, professional medical personnel can be made available to host health education seminar on various topics according to the needs of our corporate customers and Insurance companies.

Last but not least, for customers in the hospitality industry, our service offerings include 24 hour support and on-site medical services of our doctors.

To learn more about JFA’s Corporate Medical Scheme, please contact us at Healthcare2u Hotline +852 3161 3161 during our office hours.