About Us

Company Overview

Since our inception in 1979, Dr. Jones Fok & Associates has become one of the largest healthcare services management companies in Hong Kong. Through our extensive clinic network, we strive to offer our clients a diverse and comprehensive scope of healthcare services ranging from primary healthcare which include disease prevention and providing medical information, to consultations and in-patient management etc.

JFA also helps formulate and deliver flexible healthcare schemes to numerous corporations in Hong Kong and Macau. Moreover, in order to reach a wider and more varied array of clients, the company has cultivated close relationships with insurance companies both locally and abroad.

JFA provides a full range of medical services, including but not limited to General & Specialists Services, Physiotherapy Services, Chinese Medicine Services, Dental Services, Vaccination, X-ray and Laboratories & Imaging Services.

Currently, JFA has more than 800 network service providers, providing healthcare schemes for more than 500 corporate clients, amounting to over 200,000 scheme members and is still growing.

About Healthcare2u

In 2000, we established Healthcare Medical & Paramedical Services Operations (HK) Limited as part of the group’s business expansion. During the process, a sophisticated computer system was installed to increase our administrative work efficiency as well as to provide clients with more comprehensive and detailed reports. We believe this will enable our clients to better control their medical expenses while understand more thoroughly the health conditions of their employees. Furthermore, a customer service hotline has been built to answer enquiries of our clients all-year round and provide necessary online medical support.

Our Mission

JFA is dedicated to providing high quality, easily accessible and affordable medical services to patients, corporations and society at large. This mission has manifested into a network of healthcare professionals devoted to delivering exceptional quality services at reasonable price point at convenient locations across Hong Kong and Macau.

Our Corporate Values

In order to achieve our mission, our corporate values have been fostered and emphasised throughout our network of clinic and panel.

In order to deliver high quality healthcare services, all JFA healthcare professionals are well-trained and educated to provide excellent services in a professional manner.

As we are compassionate about the health and well-being of our patients, we are committed to providing services of the highest calibre in an affordable and accessible manner .

Cooperation and Respect
These two values are crucial in fostering a collaborative environment across JFA network of clinic and panel, thus enabling effective communication between all parties. The same values are applied when we work with our corporate clients and patients for building more robust and long-lasting relationships.

Message from the Chief Medical Officer

JFA started off as a small clinic. To expand into its current scale, I am immensely grateful to those who believed in us during the early and uncertain days, not to mention all those affiliates and clients who have joined and supported us along the journey.

Since our establishment, we strive to provide and maintain an outstanding healthcare services in terms of quality, affordability and accessibility. Thus in order to consistently deliver such services, constant improvement in both our clinical and administrative works are nurtured and encouraged. Moreover, with the relentlessly evolving medical field and related knowledge and technology, JFA is determined to advance in its services to bring joy, as well as health, to all of our patients.

Last but not least, as JFA continues to expand, we must not lose sight of our original mission. Our mission will continue to serve as the foundation of the company, shaping us into an even stronger contender in the market. Thank you and I sincerely hope you will continue to believe and support us along this fruitful journey.


Software and hardware upgrades across JFA to optimize administrative processes and improve JFA market competitiveness
Over 300,000 scheme members enjoying JFA healthcare services
Services expanded into Macau, further broadened JFA network of clinic and panel
Over 180,000 scheme members enjoying JFA healthcare services
HealthCare Medical & Paramedical Services Operations (HK) Limited was founded
Over 50,000 scheme members enjoying JFA healthcare services
Medical scheme management service made available to Corporate Clients and Members
Dr. Jones Fok & Associates was founded